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Ardea commissions the work of established and up-and-coming artists and designers to create bespoke, made-to-order pieces that confirm your home, workspace or venue as a reflection of your individualism.

Sublimation printing transforms the highest quality base fabrics into breath-taking works of art that you won’t find anywhere else.

Masks has been produced in collaboration with Ben Tallon, an illustrator, hand-lettering specialist, author, and host of The Creative Condition Podcast.

The illustrations come from a series of often overlooked, but characterising moments, objects, finds and quirks, illustrated.

They were made on a trip Ben made to Hong Kong, which he describes as a multi-layered, chatoic metropolis with a moat of lush greenery and hidden gems.

The classic design of the chair and exceptional, high-quality components, combine to create a timeless showpiece that invites comfort and comments in equal measure.

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